Talk about the world of fashion is never ending. Every year always emerging new trends that are emerging or new modifications and trends But if you look at the pattern, the current fashion trends tend to be the result of a turnaround of fashion trends that had been loved in the 90's.

Well, this time Toped will review a variety of fashion items of the 90s which again become a trend of today and much loved by the fashion lovers.


When it comes to clothing that never dies eaten, which is on the order upwards is none other than denim. Yup, clothing made from denim, ranging from shirts, jackets to pants is constantly enlivening the fashion world to date. Clothing lovers who are also often referred to as jeans is also coming from various age groups, ranging from small children, adolescents, adults to parents.

High waisted

Pants or skirts that are high above the waist or fit in the stomach certainly no stranger to Toppers who come from the 90s generation Well for you who still have a collection of long waisted pants or high skirt but the condition is still good and still stored neatly in the wardrobe, you can remove and use it again. Fear looks old? Quiet Toppers You will not look so old because the pants and skirts of high waisted models back into the trend of today. In order to look more modern, you can take it to a tailor to slightly overhaul its shape.


Overall is a clothing suit that the tops and subordinates together. In the 90's, the overalls were usually made of denim and tended to be used by teenage girls. But along with the development of world fashion, the material of clothes and overalls the model is more diverse. There are shaped pants, some are shaped skirts. Lovers of overalls are no longer confined to adolescent girls, but even adult women do not miss to try it out. The impression of cute overalls also gives the effect of young and fresh for people who wear them.

A-Line Skirt or Flared Skirt

A-Line skirt with a shape resembling the letter A that widened down into one characteristic of vintage fashion style. The classic and feminine designs make the women do not hesitate to add a skirt that is also known as the flared skirt into the collection of clothes. Design and motive is increasingly following the development of the era. There is a long flare skirt to the ankle called maxi flare skirt; there is a length up to the calf called midi flared skirt, to mini flare skirt the length of fitting or slightly higher above the knee. In terms of motives was very diverse ranging from plain motifs with bright colors, floral motifs, and tribal to the lines.

Floral Pattern

Fashion items with a bustling style like flower motifs are also the hallmark of modern fashion. Did Toppers? Apparently, this floral pattern has begun to decorate the world of fashion for a long time low. The fresh impression was given, make the world's clothing designers do not hesitate to use the motive of these flowers in their design.

Shoes Platform

The thick and slightly entitled soles are the hallmark of platform shoes. Well for Toppers who want to look more ladders but cannot use high heels for hours, this platform shoes you can make as an alternative. Its flat but thick base will help you to keep your balance in balance, and certainly, keep you looking taller.

Leather stuff

Leather fashion accessories ranging from leather jackets, leather shoes to leather bags are another hallmark of classic fashion trends. And we can see, fashion items made from leather is still just loved to modern times like today. In addition to more durable and tend not too difficult to care for, leather accessories tend to make people wear them look more classy and elegant. Is Toppers one of the fashion lovers of leather items?

Gingham flannel shirt

For Toppers who like the casual look and a little boyish, flannel shirt with gingham motifs aka boxes must enter the list of clothing collection. One of the fashion items that also had a trend in the 90s this could easily you combine with other clothing such as t-shirts and jeans. In addition to serving as an outcome, flannel shirt is also often used as a complement to the fashion with a tied at the waist.