Tips on Choosing Kaftan Clothes Appropriate Body Shape Then, what kind of caftan you wear fit; here are some tips on choosing kaftan clothing.

Tips on choosing kaftan clothing according to body shape.

Searching for a caftan or kaftan dress can be a difficult experience if you do not know what to look for or how to purchase intelligently. Browsing on eBay is a good place to buy caftans because there is no pressure of a shop owner or peddler to buy anything. Further, you can browse hundreds of vendors in the comfort of your own home. The variety and assortment of fabrics, lengths, designs options, embellishments, and even necklines are intended to pique the interest of the onlooker while providing options.

First, women who are small or small should use a lot of rope pull when applying tips to choose kaftan fashion. "Pulling the rope up front makes the body look slim. In addition, the shape of the clothing is increasingly smaller down so that the body appears to contain. Avoid kaftans with bat models because small bodies will drown more because of the wide clothing.

Second tips on choosing kaftan clothing should not belong to the legs but can be in the form of a unique or superior. "Then, unified match with pants or cloth so it looks fit in the body. Models like this you can wear for work clothes.

Third, bigger women can wear a pulling rope model up front, but it would be better to wear a bat model. "The pull of the rope is only one but the shape remains straight. The worn rope is inside so the fall does not look like a robe.

Fourth, when wearing an existing model of accessories on the front of the shirt, do not add with other accessories. "As a result will be crowded and fullness in the chest. If you still want to wear accessories, just wear a bracelet.

Fifth, tips on choosing kaftan clothing are to avoid the use of transparent chiffon material. "So it must use the internal again that makes the body so formed or printed clearly. We recommend using satin and jump only.

Sixth, if you want to wear a patterned material wear with small motifs. "Color selection is a good idea to choose in dark colors, such as dark blue, black, dark gray. Do not wear excessive or golden accessories.

Seventh, if you have adjusted hijab color with caftan color. "However, do not wear the same color as the caftan because it will look boring. For example, the color of the pink shirt, wear a gray hijab.

Eighth, when trying on clothes do not look in the mirror but try photographed after you wear kaftans, because the position in the mirror will look different when photographed. The photographed results will look more real, while in the mirror less fit.